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TransEnterix, Inc. is a company that specializes in medical devices. The company is mainly focused on developing and commercializing the ALF-X Surgical Robotic System and the SurgiBot System. The ALF-X System by the company is a multi-port robotic surgery system. This system allows the multiple robotic arms to manage and control the various types of medical instruments and a camera. The system also features modern and advanced technology to allow surgeons with systematic and instant feedback. It also provides the ability to move the camera via the eye movement.

The system also mirrors the laparoscopic motion and it integrates the three-dimensional high definition vision technology. The advanced system also provides a responsible economic system to the hospitals by providing them a robotic technology with the use of reusable instruments.

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TRXC upgraded to purchase

TransEnterix seems to be a very attractive pick, and it has recently been upgraded to a Zacks Rank #2. It has noticed an upward trend when it comes to the earnings estimates. One of the very powerful forces that impact the stock prices has also impacted the stock prices and has triggered a massive change in them.

The power of the altering earnings picture in understanding and determining the term of the stock price movements have made the rating system exponentially useful to the investors in this field. These factors are mostly driven by some of the most subjective factors that can be extremely hard to notice and measure in real-time.

TransEnterix is becoming a very positive comment on the earnings outlook. This type of outlook could also have a pretty favorable impact on stock prices.

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