Whiteboard Animation & Why I Love It

Whiteboard animation also referred to as video scribing or video doodling refers to the process of recording an artist scribing a creative story or event as a drawing on a whiteboard or something that resembles a whiteboard.  Especially for those who want to learn how to sell on amazon.

In the artwork animation is however not widely used but is incorporated. With consequent evolution and application of whiteboard animation software the effect of time lapse or slow motion creates different manifestations of different amazon qualities.

Most companies have embraced this artistic process of scribing creative stories and valuable events to capture and maintain their customers or viewers attention. This is motivated by the direct audio interaction with the artist in the whiteboard video as well as creating a real manifestation of events in the whiteboard. From a recent survey the human attention spurns eight seconds long thus the need to provide consistent drawings and figures on the whiteboard animation video to keep the human mind focused on your product long enough to woo their attention and consequently increase your sales or subscriptions. This is further instilled by the fact that humans connect more easily through verbal communications instead of written prose in web pages and indeed a picture is worth a thousand words.

The most remarkable companies using whiteboard animation or video scribing in their sites or blogs include:


YouTube is a worldwide video platform supporting multiple audio and video file formats. It provides navigation tools where artists can upload crystal clear videos free of charge. The navigation tools also provide viewers metric in controlling the viewers’ discretion in watching, pausing or even leaving the presentation.

However, YouTube does not provide third party connection with other sites but can be integrated to add video scribing in sites to provide competive edge over your competitors. In so doing the artist instills use of keywords in the captions describing the video to enhance visibility in online demonstrations. Ensure efficient interaction with your viewers by scribing and uploading something that captures their attention and provides a call-to –action after product description.


This is a mobile application video sharing platform. The platform allows bilateral interaction between the artist and viewers while exchanging views and ideas about the video content for the amazon private label seller.

Being an embedded application vine encourages creativity and fosters innovation among groups in a community of practice or peers. However, Vine does support long video content as well has no restrictions on nudity.


Vimeo provides a customizable video sharing platform with users’ discretion on the players colors to match their brands. This improves user with the freedom to choose thumbnails, quality content as well as provide open comments as an incentive for user satisfaction in future returns. However, Vimeo is not a perfect choice in SEO content due to its smaller community outreach.More so it takes longer to upload videos while operating a free account and may require additional costs for upgrade.


Instagram provides a technology oriented platform for photographic marketing strategy. It provides for creation of a credible profile while providing for a human touch while interacting and linking up with other social media sites. This provides for a wide coverage area and interaction.

Instagram allows for video editing a feature that can be customized to make videos stable for clear viewing and visibility.  However, just as most application and sites supporting and applying whiteboard animation, Instagram does not provide a looping utility, a feature that provides a vital tool in video marketing.

Instagram is not embeddable and doesn’t support textual attachments feature thus degrading its performance in video scribing or whiteboard animation.


Whiteboard animation owes its popularity to the following unique defining factors;  Personal Touch and entertainment.

Despite massive technological advancement in computer aided whiteboard media production the human element in scribing produces authenticity and originality in event as well as idea presentation.  The creativity in artistic whiteboard production as well as matching it with spoken word is entertaining to viewers.


Whiteboard animation integrates idea generation as well as illusion creation in real time. A picture is worth a thousand words and its creation in the scribing process captures and maintains viewers attention.


Video scribing produces a digital video that is easy to distribute among infinite number of people in different cross platforms.The video can be hosted in websites, shared via email, social networks as well edited to meet users expectations.

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