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Animation Schools To Consider

Top rated Animation schools :

  1. School of the museum of fine arts (SFMA):

Location : Boston , MA

About : This design schiool is a tight-knit school which offers a fully customizable course load for amazon seo lovers.  If you need new york bankruptcy lawyer, they have something to assist along those lines too.

Courses : Film , Animation , Illustration and Graphic Design.

Skill : they make you skills sharp.

  1. Southwest University of Visual Art :

Location : Tucson , AZ & Albuquerque , NM

About : This university of visual arts in Tucson has a small faculty with an excellent teacher to student ratio and also a small art school vibe .

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation and Illustration.

Skill : their animation and design courses are highly practical as the focus on bail bonds new york industry dominating Flash software and character development .

  1. The Animation Workshop :

Location : Denmark

About : This school focuses on entirely animation. This has become the top Scandinavian animation school.

Course : Animation

Skill : this allows u to get exposure to Dreamworks in the U.S with amazon ppc in mind , Brown bag films in Ireland.

  1. The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) :

Location : Prague, Czech Republic

About : this institute takes a unique approach in preparing their students to work in the animation industry , they require atleast one short film before graduation.  They also provide amazon seo ranking factors for people who want to learn how to sell.

Courses : Animation

Skill : they develop skills in different aspects like photography , editing , sound , production etc.

  1. 9Zeros :

Location : Spain

About: the Spanish animation scene absorbs most of 9zeros graduates

Courses : Cartooning , 3D Animation and Stop Motion

Skill : they provide good internships.

  1. Art Center College of Design :

Location : Pasadena , CA

About : this college is listed regularly as top art/design school by business week , U.S News , Design Intelligence

Courses : Entertainment Design, Film, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Interaction Design.

Skill : hand life drawing , pop culture and a mixture of emerging media.

  1. California State University Long Beach :

Location : Long Beach , CA

About : this offers interesting tracks in illustration and animation.

Courses : Illustration , Graphic Design and Animation .

Skill : California’s top animation studios recruit from CSU Long Beach.

  1. National institute of Design (NID):

Location : Ahmedabad , India .

About : this is best indian institute for animation

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation Film Design , Film & Video Communication and Exhibition Design.

Skill : NID is the school training the animation masters , behind the tread , training artists as well as software experts.


Location : Czech Republic

About : this is important to recognize that this institute never stops and does’t end after 4 years degree.

Courses : 3D Animation

Skill : this course includes subjects like pantomime for animators , studio pipeline and character design for 3D.

10.  Ohio Wesleyan University :

Location : Delaware , Ohio

About : it is regarded as top art school in the country but its animation related programs have remained a well kept secret.

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation , Game Design .

Skill : they use update adobe softwares to develop good graduates.

11.  Hongik University :

Location : Seoul , South Korea .

About : it is mostly known by the students as “Hongdae” .

Courses : Animation , Digital Media and Game design.

skill : it gives you more knowledge about film making.

12.  Frameboxx :

Location : Mumbai , India .

About : it is well known for 3D gaming.

Courses : 3D Animation , VFX , Video Editing and Composing .

Skill : this helps to customize your education to meet your needs .

These are some top most Animation Schools in the World which provide good Animators graduates.