Animation Schools To Consider

Top rated Animation schools :

  1. School of the museum of fine arts (SFMA):

Location : Boston , MA

About : This design schiool is a tight-knit school which offers a fully customizable course load for amazon seo lovers.  If you need new york bankruptcy lawyer, they have something to assist along those lines too.

Courses : Film , Animation , Illustration and Graphic Design.

Skill : they make you skills sharp.

  1. Southwest University of Visual Art :

Location : Tucson , AZ & Albuquerque , NM

About : This university of visual arts in Tucson has a small faculty with an excellent teacher to student ratio and also a small art school vibe .

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation and Illustration.

Skill : their animation and design courses are highly practical as the focus on bail bonds new york industry dominating Flash software and character development .

  1. The Animation Workshop :

Location : Denmark

About : This school focuses on entirely animation. This has become the top Scandinavian animation school.

Course : Animation

Skill : this allows u to get exposure to Dreamworks in the U.S with amazon ppc in mind , Brown bag films in Ireland.

  1. The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) :

Location : Prague, Czech Republic

About : this institute takes a unique approach in preparing their students to work in the animation industry , they require atleast one short film before graduation.  They also provide amazon seo ranking factors for people who want to learn how to sell.

Courses : Animation

Skill : they develop skills in different aspects like photography , editing , sound , production etc.

  1. 9Zeros :

Location : Spain

About: the Spanish animation scene absorbs most of 9zeros graduates

Courses : Cartooning , 3D Animation and Stop Motion

Skill : they provide good internships.

  1. Art Center College of Design :

Location : Pasadena , CA

About : this college is listed regularly as top art/design school by business week , U.S News , Design Intelligence

Courses : Entertainment Design, Film, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Interaction Design.

Skill : hand life drawing , pop culture and a mixture of emerging media.

  1. California State University Long Beach :

Location : Long Beach , CA

About : this offers interesting tracks in illustration and animation.

Courses : Illustration , Graphic Design and Animation .

Skill : California’s top animation studios recruit from CSU Long Beach.

  1. National institute of Design (NID):

Location : Ahmedabad , India .

About : this is best indian institute for animation

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation Film Design , Film & Video Communication and Exhibition Design.

Skill : NID is the school training the animation masters , behind the tread , training artists as well as software experts.


Location : Czech Republic

About : this is important to recognize that this institute never stops and does’t end after 4 years degree.

Courses : 3D Animation

Skill : this course includes subjects like pantomime for animators , studio pipeline and character design for 3D.

10.  Ohio Wesleyan University :

Location : Delaware , Ohio

About : it is regarded as top art school in the country but its animation related programs have remained a well kept secret.

Courses : Graphic Design , Animation , Game Design .

Skill : they use update adobe softwares to develop good graduates.

11.  Hongik University :

Location : Seoul , South Korea .

About : it is mostly known by the students as “Hongdae” .

Courses : Animation , Digital Media and Game design.

skill : it gives you more knowledge about film making.

12.  Frameboxx :

Location : Mumbai , India .

About : it is well known for 3D gaming.

Courses : 3D Animation , VFX , Video Editing and Composing .

Skill : this helps to customize your education to meet your needs .

These are some top most Animation Schools in the World which provide good Animators graduates.

Whiteboard Animation & Why I Love It

Whiteboard animation also referred to as video scribing or video doodling refers to the process of recording an artist scribing a creative story or event as a drawing on a whiteboard or something that resembles a whiteboard.  Especially for those who want to learn how to sell on amazon.

In the artwork animation is however not widely used but is incorporated. With consequent evolution and application of whiteboard animation software the effect of time lapse or slow motion creates different manifestations of different amazon qualities.

Most companies have embraced this artistic process of scribing creative stories and valuable events to capture and maintain their customers or viewers attention. This is motivated by the direct audio interaction with the artist in the whiteboard video as well as creating a real manifestation of events in the whiteboard. From a recent survey the human attention spurns eight seconds long thus the need to provide consistent drawings and figures on the whiteboard animation video to keep the human mind focused on your product long enough to woo their attention and consequently increase your sales or subscriptions. This is further instilled by the fact that humans connect more easily through verbal communications instead of written prose in web pages and indeed a picture is worth a thousand words.

The most remarkable companies using whiteboard animation or video scribing in their sites or blogs include:


YouTube is a worldwide video platform supporting multiple audio and video file formats. It provides navigation tools where artists can upload crystal clear videos free of charge. The navigation tools also provide viewers metric in controlling the viewers’ discretion in watching, pausing or even leaving the presentation.

However, YouTube does not provide third party connection with other sites but can be integrated to add video scribing in sites to provide competive edge over your competitors. In so doing the artist instills use of keywords in the captions describing the video to enhance visibility in online demonstrations. Ensure efficient interaction with your viewers by scribing and uploading something that captures their attention and provides a call-to –action after product description.


This is a mobile application video sharing platform. The platform allows bilateral interaction between the artist and viewers while exchanging views and ideas about the video content for the amazon private label seller.

Being an embedded application vine encourages creativity and fosters innovation among groups in a community of practice or peers. However, Vine does support long video content as well has no restrictions on nudity.


Vimeo provides a customizable video sharing platform with users’ discretion on the players colors to match their brands. This improves user with the freedom to choose thumbnails, quality content as well as provide open comments as an incentive for user satisfaction in future returns. However, Vimeo is not a perfect choice in SEO content due to its smaller community outreach.More so it takes longer to upload videos while operating a free account and may require additional costs for upgrade.


Instagram provides a technology oriented platform for photographic marketing strategy. It provides for creation of a credible profile while providing for a human touch while interacting and linking up with other social media sites. This provides for a wide coverage area and interaction.

Instagram allows for video editing a feature that can be customized to make videos stable for clear viewing and visibility.  However, just as most application and sites supporting and applying whiteboard animation, Instagram does not provide a looping utility, a feature that provides a vital tool in video marketing.

Instagram is not embeddable and doesn’t support textual attachments feature thus degrading its performance in video scribing or whiteboard animation.


Whiteboard animation owes its popularity to the following unique defining factors;  Personal Touch and entertainment.

Despite massive technological advancement in computer aided whiteboard media production the human element in scribing produces authenticity and originality in event as well as idea presentation.  The creativity in artistic whiteboard production as well as matching it with spoken word is entertaining to viewers.


Whiteboard animation integrates idea generation as well as illusion creation in real time. A picture is worth a thousand words and its creation in the scribing process captures and maintains viewers attention.


Video scribing produces a digital video that is easy to distribute among infinite number of people in different cross platforms.The video can be hosted in websites, shared via email, social networks as well edited to meet users expectations.

Two Great & Free Animation Software I Use

I thought it would be fitting to share two amazing animation software programs I use that are truly free.  They help me build great animation videos and I simply wanted to write a review and share with you.

Sliderocket Animator

Sliderocket rocks the slide-show scene. a number of the animations square measure high notch. The programme is over the highest serious black and extremely feature the biggest content library. Their team collaboration (which is obtainable in their costliest plan) and that we should admit, this can be the foremost powerful PowerPoint various on the market. Animators can realize this program terribly restricted (see below), not attributable to the graphics however attributable to the export limitations. mistreatment this animation package potential takes a true learning curve, however they even have variant tutorials. Users longing for a PowerPoint various wealthy in effects and flash plugins can be willing to pay the steep worth this program demands.

SlideRocket positions itself nearer to PowerPoint than to AN animation package. It will enable you to import PowerPoint shows and it will have a pleasant collaboration tool that PowToon and Animoto don’t have. however Sliderocket limits you to their player thus it’s no sensible if need|you would like|you wish} to export to YouTube and Facebook or want to load your presentation ideas to your own web site (you will plant it).

SlideRoket encompasses a restricted free (lite) arrange. The free arrange appears best for those accustomed PowerPoint and would love an alternate however not for those seeking to create animated videos for gratis. The upgrade comes at the best monthly worth that is twenty fifth above Powtoons’ (which is that the cheapest). SlideRocket has some spectacular options and a stunning UI. however since you can’t simply export your shows you would like to account for projecting with this valuation forever. The agency account is ludicrously high-priced and appears to focus on company sales groups in fortune five hundred firms.

Animoto Animator

Animoto, the second program in our on-line animation computer code revivew, may be a nice light-weight animation program. it absolutely was one in all the primary to return come in the middle 2 thousands and got an excellent deal of following due to that. however this animation computer code has lost plenty of its users to the competition because of lack of progress. The videos area unit fine and also the library choice is nice. Animoto additionally includes a intrinsic music library for the sound recording that is de facto nice. people who area unit probing for a free choice won’t very realize one here (read below) nor can power (agency) users realize an acceptable set up. we discover the computer program to be quite difficult for professional users however nonetheless this is often a true choice for for making explainers and animated videos.

Animoto doesn’t very have a free set up (unless you have got smart use for a thirty second clip). The “free” set up truly prices $2.5 a month that is cheap however annoying (just build it free for pet’s sake). the professional set up starts at twenty.75 per month that is simply slightly over PowToon skilled. PowToon has more designs and options and is less complicated to use however Animoto has the in-built music libraries. build your choose on that you wish a lot of. The approach we tend to see it, you’ll get free music finally.FM. Animoto offers no agency account.


PowToon and animoto share several similarities however we discover Powtoon to be abundant easier to use, higher quality export files for the worth and excellent agency and free plans.
If you wish to decide on between the 2 animation programs we tend to decide PowToon as a result of it offers:

*straightforward interface
*nice export to your pc choices
*Best free animation account
*Best worth Agency account

Plus, Powtoon is consistently adding new options.SlideRocket appears like a rather completely different animal and that we advocate it to the presenters UN agency square measure willing to pay the high worth. If you wish a PowerPoint vogue astonishingly crafted slide show we tend to advocate SlideRocket as a result of it features:

*Most sturdy libraries and effects
*wonderful Flash graphics
*Poor export choices
*Wildly costly agency arrange
*Powerful collaboration choices

Neither program offers 3d animation and that we expect to seeing these effects introduced within the future.  This concludes our on-line Animation package Review. we tend to hope you find it useful.

RSA Animation Description & It’s True Power For Business

RSA Animation is a derivative of whiteboard animation. It was first conceived in 2009 by the Royal Society and it led to videos that became wildly popular on Youtube, and today they are commonly seen on social media such as Facebook. It can involve sketch board animations that tell a story, and it is an excellent way to illustrate all sorts of concepts.

Since it is proven to catch the attention of people, and get the intended message across, it has since become very popular with businesses of all sizes and types.

One of the ways these animations are produced is to have an artist draw the initial sketch. Then you can make a shoot of the hand of the artist erasing the lines. The footage is then run from end to beginning in order to simulate the effect of the animation being perfectly drawn the very first time. A stop motion camera is often used to make RSA animations.

RSA Animation can also be done digitally.  You can also create still images through different forms of whiteboard animation…similar to what was used with this listing:  This makes it much more simple to make changes to the animation at any time.

As you might think with a product that can easily be delivered over the internet, many companies have surfaced in the past few years who offer RSA animations services. The technology behind the animations have grown by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time.

Anyone that has a business web site with a need to better connect to customers are well served by RSA animation. They can be lots of fun, and they grab the attention of the web visitor like few tools on the market today. One of the major companies in the business of providing these services today is Idea Rocket. It is one of the leading companies that can take your concept, and turn it into reality.

To make RSA animations, there are a few simple rules to follow. For starters, have a good story to tell. Next, one must ensure that any storyboards that are used have a great amount of detail. If you are going to use a voice over on the video, do not use just any old voice. Chances are the audience you are hoping to reach is used to the polished ads they see on TV with silky smooth voice celebrities. You need clean audio with no background noise, and a speaker that seems enthused about the content.

Do not do any RSA animations in poor lighting conditions. If you do not have experience in this area, this is something that is best left for the pros to do. Once it comes down to the cutting room and a final product, you will also want to have a pro help you. Editing a video is a touchy process. Post production is a time where a real pro can add enhancements and effects that will help put your animation over the top. It is not unusual for pros to spend weeks in this part of the RSA animation process.

RSA animations are a wonderful way to get your message across to an audience, as long as they are done right.

Video Marketing Tips That Are Good For Business

Video provides us with the capacity to correspond with others in a manner that builds trust and a personal association. Moreover when you put a video online it is supposed to be there functioning round the clock for you and it is also economical and simple to do. Here are key tips to boost your video marketing:

Try to gain the attention of your viewers for at least 15 to 20 seconds so as to enforce the benefit people will receive as they view your video. It is important to note that if you fail to grab your viewer’s attention within this time they are going to get bored and go elsewhere.

Always be yourself and don’t try to make yourself out to be someone you’re not. If you are fun and outgoing be fun and outgoing on the video. If you are more reserved and serious then that is how you need to present yourself in front of the camera.

Maintain eye contact with the camera, in the same way that you would if you were talking to someone face to face. This way people will have more confidence in you and will take take your content more seriously

At the end of your video,ensure that you have a clear call to action this means that you tell the viewers what action you would like them to take once the video is finished. You might ask them to leave a comment or feedback or you may want them to join your opt-in list to receive a freebie.

When you edit your video make sure you have means of contacting you as the final credit. This is easy to do with any editing programme you choose but it is extremely important.

Obtain a microphone, they are usually not that expensive and improve your audio. If you have one, you could easily start out with your webcam; just make sure you have a nice professional background and light yourself well.

If you’re going to a convention, a trade show or any other kind of public event, bring a video camera. In this way you can get a chance to interview some influential people in your business niche. Again when addressing the public, let someone record the speech and upload it in your website

YouTube should not be ignored. All video marketing efforts need to begin here. Free video hosting is a tremendous benefit. Additionally, you will be on the worlds 3rd popular website. This means your video is out there to be seen here.

Don’t skip over the video content analytics. The data contained here is important because it allows you to monitor your page views and see where your viewers are coming from. These details can lead you to better understand where your target audience can be reached.

Lastly Screenshot your website and include it in the video. Viewers will see your site’s setup in that way. You can also use screenshots when you are making a tutorial. Simply save a copy of your screenshot and use a video editing software program to include your screenshot into your videos.

If you are looking for more insight, check out the Video Marketing Guide From Distilled.